Dulfermetal specializing in custom traditional and contemporary ironwork and blacksmith products.
Owned by master blacksmith Steve Dulfer Since 2001, Located in Santa fe, New Mexico.

Preservation and Sustainability

Steve Dulfer in his studioSustainability is essential to Dulfermetal’s philosophy. We hold a profound respect for nature as our ultimate teacher. Nature balances our work, keeps our perspective broad, and refreshes our minds and spirits. 

For blacksmiths, energy efficiency has always been in fashion. Our resources are finite: the smith's arm tires quickly, and fuel for the forge, historically in short supply, is still precious today. The blacksmith serves a local market with usable products that endure for generations. 

Dulfermetal is powered on wind energy through PNM's Sky Blue program and produces, with rare exceptions, no toxic byproducts. The steel we use is nearly 100 percent recycled. 

Blacksmiths have been with us for more than 4000 years, from the stone age to the industrial revolution to today. Forty years ago, they were almost extinct in this country, and today blacksmiths are rare. Many struggle to stay afloat, facing competition from a global market saturated with cheaply made mass-produced products.  

At Dulfermetal, we believe in handmade products produced locally and designed to last. At the heart of our philosophy is a kinship with the untold numbers of anonymous smiths who have shaped the blacksmith’s traditions. We are proud to be part of this tradition, and believe there is an urgent need for preserving these essential skills for future generations. 

As part of this tradition, Dulfermetal offers mentoring and apprenticeships to local educational institutions, including the Santa Fe Waldorf School and Monte del Sol Charter School. Dulfermetal offers experiential learning for students in essential elements of the blacksmith’s craft: elemental power, personal responsibility, discipline and control, sustainable ethics, and artistic expression.