Just in time for spring planting, we're rolling out the Santa Fe Broadfork--one of the handiest tools you'll ever use for turning and aerating garden beds.  Nearly as effective as a roto-tiller, it uses no fossil fuels and costs a tenth as much!  

 I had the good fortune to use a competitor's broadfork a few years ago, and I was both amazed with its performance and shocked at how expensive it was ($150 and up).  Naturally, I decided to make my own.  Then, following my interests in agriculture, sustainability, and local economy, I decided to make them for everybody else.  And at half the price of my competitors.  After two seasons of prototyping, it's available on the website!

 The design features all steel construction for simplicity and durability, and has 48" handles for good leverage.  Four hardened tines turn a 15" row 10" deep.  In a couple of weeks, I'll be rolling out a five-tine fork that will turn a 20" row.  Both will be offered with a one-year warranty.

My cool season crops are already in the ground, and I'm getting ready to prepare some new beds with my fork.  Happy gardening!