”Big Bill” arriving at Lena St.In June, 2001, I returned to Santa Fe after a year of travel and study as a journeyman smith. With the blessing of my employer, I started Dulfermetal (originally called Stephen Dulfer Metalsmith) and began offering my wares through the Shidoni Gallery in Tesuque, NM.

Two years later, I was determined to strike out on my own, but couldn’t find shop space. I decided to relocate to Austin, TX, in hopes of engaging a bigger market. That pretty much bombed--I was back in Santa Fe three months later. During that brief absence, everything fell into place: within 24 hours of returning, I was moving my equipment into an old bus barn on Lena Street. 

Southwest Artist Blacksmiths Association meeting at Lena St.With two other metalworkers, I founded a cooperative shop that still exists, despite personnel changes over the years. We struggled and slaved there and eventually succeeded, building a clientele of architects, designers, builders, and homeowners. That’s where I restored my 200lb trip hammer, nicknamed “Big Bill.”  Starting him up got us evicted in short order, possibly because of the yoga studio on the second floor.  

After a brief period of desperation, we relocated to Trades West Road, where we’ve been ever since. Now, it’s time to reach beyond Santa Fe, and offer my personal blend of spirit, style, and substance to a bigger audience.  Hope you like it!