Dulfermetal specializing in custom traditional and contemporary ironwork and blacksmith products.
Owned by master blacksmith Steve Dulfer Since 2001, Located in Santa fe, New Mexico.

In the shop

My current project is three short sections of handrail to match ones that are already installed in the clients’ house.  The job was referred to me by Tom Joyce, who made the originals.  I’m very proud of this, because I’ve always admired his work.  In fact, a 1996 National Ornamental Metal Museum show featuring several of his pieces is one of the main reasons I decided to come to Santa Fe and become a blacksmith myself.



These railings are traditional in design, and proved to be quite challenging in execution.  In the photos, I’m using bending forks and an oxy-propane torch to shape a bracket that holds the handrail to the wall.

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Working on our Curve candleholder soon to be available in our store!

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