Dulfermetal specializing in custom traditional and contemporary ironwork and blacksmith products.
Owned by master blacksmith Steve Dulfer Since 2001, Located in Santa fe, New Mexico.

Curve CandleholderCurve Candleholder$125.00 Flower of Life console tableFlower of Life console table$975.00 Saxony chandelierSaxony chandelier$5,500.00 Tano FiretoolsTano Firetools$900.00
  • In the Shop

    Images and words from our current projects.

    • Duplicating Perfection

      My current project is three short sections of handrail to match ones that are already installed in the clients’ house.  The job was referred to me by Tom Joyce, who made the originals.  I’m very proud of this, because I’ve alwa...

    • Sometimes, we make sparks

      Working on our Curve candleholder soon to be available in our store!

    • Our Retail Shop

      Since its inception, Dulfermetal has found a niche as a high-end manufacturer of one-of-a-kind and very limited production pieces. More than ten years of work are represented in the Custom Architectural portfolio. Now, we’ve added a ...

  • About Dulfermetal

    Our handmade traditional and contemporary ironwork products produced locally and designed to last. Based in Santa Fe, New Mexico, Dulfermetal offers artisan-made, sustainably produced fire tools, clocks, sconces and chandeliers, and custom furniture and fixtures. Each of our pieces embody the essential elements of the blacksmith’s craft: artistic integrity, elemental power and sustainable ethics. Visit our studio or browse our online shop to see how our style fits your vision.